Village Corner


36 The Fox River

A Glimpse Back in Time at Mill­brook as it was in December 18, 1873
Published in the Kendall County Record
Edited and com­piled by Elmer Dickson

Last Thurs­day it was too muddy to ride in a buggy, so we invested twenty-five cents in that giant cor­po­ra­tion too soul­less to pass an impe­cu­nious edi­tor, the C. B. & Q. Rail­road Com­pany. We went as far as the amount would take us and the con­duc­tor let us off at Mill­brook. The first man we saw was Dr. Lit­tle­wood, coro­ner and post­mas­ter, who holds an inquest on the Mill­brook mail twice a day. The next per­son we saw was that happy man, Jacob Budd, who is just as proud of the rapid growth of Mill­brook as a coun­try printer with a job of sale bills that he gets the cash for.


Milestone Accomplishments Since
Its Incorporation in November 2002
(Without additional tax levies on residences)

1. Re-Pavement of roads amounting to almost $30,000.00
2. Maintains bridge and road repair funds of over $100,000.00 for future repairs.
3. Adopted a Comprehensive Land Use Plan as developed by a volunteer group of residents chaired by Budd Wormley and aided by professionals by the SEC Group for a total cost of $12,000.00.
4. In a joint venture effort of cooperation between the Village of Millbrook, the Estates of Millbrook, the Millbrook Firemen’s Association and Kendall County, a tornado siren was purchased at a cost of $20,000.00.  1/4 of the cost was paid by each of the parties.  It was installed on the township property near the Junior High. The Village of Millbrook pays for all of the maintenance and monitoring which amounts to $700.00 per year.
5. The Village purchased 3 acres of land between the Junior High and the Township Building for approximately $60,000.00 in November 2010.
6. On June 4, 2011, the Village of Millbrook and the Millbrook Firemen’s Association and the Millbrook United Methodist Church hosted the 4th Annual Spring Fling.
7. Over 990 acres of land have annexed into the Village since its     incorporation including the Perkins’, Wormley, Sleezers, Witeks, Knutsons, Yogi Bear Campground and Brummels who all share the same vision for the Village of Millbrook.
8. The Village has established a Plan Commission and Building & Zoning Committee comprised of interested Village Residents and non-residents.
9.  The Village has its own website, currently under construction for improvements.
10. Contributed over $2,000.00 to for a county wide water study.
11. Members of the Metro West Council of Government and Illinois Municipal League.