Past Mayors

Pete Peterson, 2002 to 2006
Seeing the growth that was headed in his direction, Pete Peterson set out to prevent the Village of Millbrook from being incorporated into one of the larger surrounding communities and to maintain the rural heritage and unique history of Millbrook. He succeeded when the citizens of Millbrook voted to incorporate in November 2002 and held their first election in April 2003 where Pete was elected Millbrook’s first Village President. Pete passed away in 2007 but not before leaving the legacy which is now the incorporated Village of Millbrook.

Judy Heim, 2006 to 2010
Judy continued in Pete’s quest for Millbrook’s preservation when Millbrook increased in size by over 500 acres of agricultural and residential properties. With Judy’s assistance along with a dedicated Planning Committee and a group of concerned residents and non-residents, the Village adopted its Comprehensive Plan and a Plan Commission and a Building & Zoning Committee were formed. Judy’s attention to the ever growing needs of our small community helped guide the Board of Trustees to where they are today.

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