About Millbrook

32 The Fox RiverThe Village of Millbrook was incorporated in November of 2002 with a population of 287. The Village lies adjacent to the Fox River, 60 miles southwest of the Chicago metropolitan area in Fox Township, Kendall County, Illinois. The Village now has a population of 335 as reported in the 2010 census. The Village is the home of Winding Creek Nursery which has been in operation in Millbrook since 1957 and the popular Yogi Bear Campground which is known throughout the area as the perfect place to camp and get away. Millbrook is home to many scenic corridors so the next turn you make will lead you to yet another breathtaking feature of our community and surrounding areas. The Village strives to protect these scenic views and corridors and have placed special consideration for them in their Comprehensive Plan.

The unique physical characteristics and a rich natural environment make it a great community. Combine all that with the extraordinary people who live here and you have a beautiful community to live and work in.

9 Millbrook BridgeWhile driving through the beautiful rural landscape and quite peaceful atmosphere around the Fox River, you can take time to fish from the historic Millbrook Bridge over the Fox River which was built in 1897 and still stands at the original river crossing. You can take a nature hike in one of many scenic forest preserve properties or you can stop and put your canoe in the water at the Shuh Shuh Gah Canoe Launch and really get a view of the Fox River and all its wildlife.

Any way you choose to see Millbrook will be inspiring. Come take a drive in the country and enjoy Millbrook and all it has to offer.